Birthday #6

You Are Invited!!
For Andrew's 6th birthday we had a LEGO theme party!
It was a blast.  And I have some pictures to show you just how we pulled it off.

The invitation. (front)

Invitation. (2nd fold-over)

Game Time! 
Guess how many Lego's are in the jar.

Pin the smile on Lego man's face.

Lego building station.

Toss Lego's into cups.
(You could easily have a prize for each designated cup - we chose not to)

Pencil Drop (into a Mason jar)

Party Favors!

Construction hats
(which I now realize not one child took theirs home) 

Goody Bags

Upon arrival, each child came to the table to glue circles on to make the bag Lego-style.

  CAUTION tape was strung coming down the stairs.
Construction signs.

 Construction signs.

Cake Time!

Lego-man faces on yellow paper cups.  Super simple! 

Lego Cookies
Sent home in their goody bags.  These took a long time to make, but were so worth it!

Lego Cake!  It was sooo delicious!  And Adorable!!
(The March heat was melting the frosting, creating a landslide effect.)
Thanks Grandma Stephie and Papa JD!

Happy Kiddos!!  Love it!
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