A new love...

Well, I'm sure you've noticed that there have been NO new posts this week.  The mommy in our house has been under-the-weather (where on earth did we come up with that saying?) all week, and it has affected everyone... and everything in our house.  It will take some digging out just to start the week again.  Oh well.. such is life.  It sure was an interesting week with not having a voice.  For a couple of days the boys thought I was hoping to get every family member wispering.  And it was quiet.  Then reality set in for them and quickly became long days of testing mommy's patience (which was almost non-exsistent for a while).  It sure is amazing how God uses these precious jems to shape us into more Christ-honoring parents.

I must say that my husband has been the Biggest help.  He is so quick to look to serve me.  I am so blessed to be married to him! 

So... I found a new love yesterday.  (Again, thank you Honey!)

Now I have to be decisive on how we use these or else we would most likely have them hanging kid-eye-level through the entire house.  They are great.  Jackets and backpacks now have a place just for them.  No damage to walls.  Plus they came with extra sticky-tags so if I change my mind in a few months of where I want stuff hanging, I can do so without thinking twice. 

So that is all I have for now.  My entire week of homemaking amounted to hanging hooks, which took literally 5 minutes.  Ahh... I can smile about that.