Oh, What a Day!

Here's a post from last week that I was having issues with... but I think we're all fixed now.

Ok, you may have thought that I had given up on blogging... but not so fast!  I'm back, even if for just a moment.  Life has been a whirlwind of happenings over the last month and will be for 2 more weeks.  We've spent one week traveling, one week home... off and on during March and will continue that pattern until the middle of April.  Life has been less than "normal" lately.  But that's ok.  After all, that's life.

Since this week is an "at home" week my priorities have been to keep Spring cleaning, since Spring always comes and goes quicker than I want it to.  And I do NOT want to have to deep clean during the Summer months.  In fact, I probably won't.  Especially if the heat is as tortuous as last year.

Anyway, yesterday was one of those kind of days.  You know what I mean.  (At least I hope so.)  Kids overflowing with energy, leaving trails of toys and trinkets, books and paper scraps everywhere they step foot, running from one room to another leaving YOU standing there with your head spinning, yelling after them to slow down and pick up after themselves as you have one hand trying to catch the mess before it hits the floor, the other hand stirring supper on the stove.  It's a regular mommy juggling act.

I joyfully snapped some pics so I could share our day with you... and doing so made me remember that THIS, this juggling act- in the trenches of motherhood-day to day life IS a joy!

Evidence of the boys having been through.
So I decided not to be defeated and used the opportunity to vacuum under the cushions.  Yikes!

I had to tie our cabinets shut.  Lauren Lou has been into EVERY one of them lately! Sheesh.

She has been into everything. No, she didn't need a bath, just playing in the dishwasher.  Good grief.

Since yesterday, I was able to manage putting the couch back together, have the boys (and Daddy) help pick up the toys, put supper on the table and run a load of dishes in the dishwasher (minus kid).  Let me say I was exhausted last night.  But it's a new day and there are new things to tackle.

Enjoy the day!