Thanksgiving 2013

This past week my husband and I packed up our kids and headed east to spend Thanksgiving with his family. We enjoyed lots of time together letting all the  younger cousins play. It's fun to see how they are growing up and are old enough to "go exploring" in Bama's back yard. Phil's brother let us ride his 4-wheeler and the kids absolutely loved that. I'm telling ya, it's so much fun to have new "older-kid" experiences. :)
Her face doesn't show it yet, but she loved it so much that she was the one demanding each round that it was "her turn!" 

Micah with his Great-Grandma Auxier. Lots of laughs with her. It was great!

Trying to get a group hug. Haha!  It wasn't working. Probably because of my children.  Aunt Holly gave it a good try!

Phil and I loaded up the bigger cousins and headed to the movies to see "Frozen". It was awesome. I have recommended it several times already. 

I would have gotten more good shots if I wouldn't have just had surgery on my foot. Oh well. All-in-all it was a great week.  

High five for a great trip!


P.S.  I also got most of Christmas shopping done. Yay for that!