Christmas Break 2014

Well, school is back in session. I would like to say all of the New and  Adventurous fun family things we did, but this year was a little different. 

Phil's momma came to stay with us for a couple of weeks. The morning after we pick her up from the airport I fall on our stairs and break my tailbone!  What a strange turn of events!  By that afternoon I was just in tears in pain, so we went and got it x-rayed. Not just a fracture. Broken for sure. It sure felt like it. 

Sitting (nope, standing) in the same-day-care room listening to my doctor explain what happens when a bone breaks, and the healing process in a little too much detail for me, I start to faint. Black spots fill my vision. [She's going down, folks!]

What? All he did was mention my bone bleeding and then he caught me. Or my husband did. I don't remember. 

Hello, pain meds in my daireair! (Two rounds, the nurse missed my buttock the first time. Again, what?!  How hard is that to miss?). I digress. 

I shuffle on home to my bed. And that's where I stayed for the next several days. 

And THAT is why Christmas break was different for us. :)

 My mother-in-law and mom already planned to come visit over the holidays, so the kids and myself were well cared for. Isn't God good?  What miraculous timing that they were already planning to be here for a lengthy stay months in advance! 

Here are some pics I got of our down time. 

Bama and Andrew practicing for their duet at church. 

Danced with this little guy. 

Game time!

Surprised the kids by leaving {AT BEDTIME} to go look at Christmas lights. 

More games! YAHTZEE anyone?

Movie night 

Someone captured a picture of me reading to Lauren before bed. :)

New puzzle!

Sent the kids out in the cold, uh I mean snow. We were all going stir crazy. 

Made our own board games. Although I don't think anyone has played them yet. They looked like a lot of fun!

And another movie night. :). Sword in the Stone. He was entranced. Stood this way for about 20 minutes. 

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas break with ones you love. I am blessed to say that I got to.