Summer Adventures: Part 1

This week I took our kids to a small town about 15 minutes away from where we live. This town was a childhood favorite of mine, because it was so tiny my mom felt comfortable letting me walk the streets alone or with a friend to explore while we waited for swim lessons. 

Ah, swim lessons. This is the town pool I learned to swim at.  

It's where my mom would bring her entire daycare group of kids to relax and play. It's where she made the Hutchinson News (our local paper), as she laid in the baby pool and had 4 kids sitting on her back, having a blast. 

It was where I went from sitting on the edge of the pool, nervously wondering if I would be able to touch the bottom of the shallow end as a 5 yr old to learning to properly dive from diving board to touching the bottom of the deep end of the pool {12 ft!} to screaming wildly in delight the first time you were old enough to jump off of the high dive. 

This was also the place I broke my hand. During swim lessons, no less. {might not of have been the best story to tell the kids right before their swim lessons start. Oops!}

Summer adventures are under way. I'm so glad to enjoy them with my kids.