Healthier Living with Essential Oils

This post has been a long time coming.  6 months in the making.  Or for our family... it may even go back a year ago, to last summer, when we were first introduced to essential oils by a family member (I still had no idea what they were - I mean really, I just thought it was interesting but didn't give it much thought).

But for now, I want to tell you about our miserable season last Fall.  We have four kids, then ages 1-8.  And all 4 were passing around these wonderful germs.  Literally, one kid would be sick with something and then next week it was another kid, and then two kids at once.  For 3 months they were fighting some kind of yuckiness!  Four times during that season we were at the pediatricians office TWICE a WEEK!  It was a horrid vicious cycle of sickness, sharing, antibiotics and run-down bodies.

Their little immune systems were run down and so were Mommy and Daddy.  I remember looking at my husband and saying, "We've got to catch a break."  We were so weary and sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Enter my soon-to-be friend, who I hadn't even had the pleasure of meeting yet.  Tonya had a blog I followed and loved to read about her family and her adventures in photography.  She is one talented lady!  Well, she had begun to write posts about her success using doTERRA essential oils and how her family was seeing amazing results.  

So I did what all non-natural-minded people do to learn about "the other side".  I started grilling her with questions, very hesitant to believe they worked.  How could these little bottles of oil do what she said they were?  I wanted to know about the oils, the company, why I should use doTERRA essential oils vs. other companies.  Boy was I a hard hitter.  But she was so gracious, answered every question.... and after weeks of conversing online, she invited me to a class to hear about these oils.

My first experience with doTERRA essential oils:
My husband and I bought an intro kit, which contains 5mL bottles of 3 oils:  lemon, lavender and peppermint.  They sat on our shelf for 2 weeks before that first class because I had no idea how to use them! So on this particular Monday night I went to Tonya's class and learned that you could apply these oils topically, internally (for a lot of them), and aromatically... a drop at a time.  I learned to dilute, especially when using with young children.  I learned that I had a powerhouse sitting on my shelf!  These three oils alone had at least 100 uses!! 

Now, I had a migraine that night and sat on her couch and didn't utter a word that whole time, besides "thank you for having me" as I walked out the door.  I called the hubby to say I was headed home, had a migraine and needed to go to bed.  He replied that our 3 yr old daughter was coughing uncontrollably for the past 30 minutes.

UGH!! *Sigh* Here we go... round 57 of sickness.  (Ok, maybe not in reality.)  But WAIT!  I had picked up on something you could use for coughing.  Peppermint!  And I had some waiting in our cabinet!  I told my husband we might as well try.  It was doing no good for the oils to sit up in that cabinet, unopened.  :)

Our poor girl was about to throw up when I walked into her room because of the violent coughing.  I rubbed coconut oil on her chest and a tiny drop of peppermint.  She sighed really big and then I could see her whole body relax.  The cough stopped immediately.  She didn't even cough one more time the entire night!

I walked out of her room, looked at my husband and just shrugged my shoulders.  I had no idea how it worked, but it did.

6 Months Later:
That moment really changed our family.  We have gone from seeing our doctors often, to only when it's time for a checkup - this is HUGE for a family of 6!  We've seen our pediatrician only once for an illness in the past 6 months.  As a mom, it is such a liberating feeling!  I thank God for how He created plants, how we can use oils from them to work with our bodies to fight illness and WIN... all from home!  doTERRA essential oils have changed the way we do healthcare in our home.

I want to tell you more... but that'll be another post.  :)  Scope things out for yourself at or watch the video below.

What is an Essential Oil?

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired like we were, or wondering how doTERRA essential oils can help you, please comment below.  I would love to share more with you!