{Recipe} Freezer Fudge

Starting a 21-day cleanse from all the yucky food I've allowed to get into my diet this past... well, many months. :) 

So today we are working on planning. I was given a recipe for freezer fudge as a way to get healthy fats into my diet. And this is going to be so good for me to have ready to go. No need to wonder how to get my oils into recipes where I might not normally add them. 

Plus it's fudge. 

I'm mean, come on. We must make it. 

Got your ingredients?

Now, begin!

Let me know what you think.
I've made them before, so I know I already like them. And coconut oil is totally good for you. Google it. But get the good stuff. Organic, cold-pressed is best. 

Later I'll tell you how I use it with essential oils!