Dear Husband,

On our 12th anniversary I wanted to say a few things to you. 

I love you more and more, with each passing day/month/year. I'm so thankful for how God knits us together, your likes/dislikes becoming mine. I'm glad He saw fit to not leave me to my own ways, but brought you near to me for a life-long journey. I love that we love winter, snow and the nostalgia we feel during the holidays. I love how my wardrobe has grown to include the items of the color that I used to be irritated by in yours. I love our love of reading (and maybe when the kids are older I can pick up the habit again).  You are the best half to our oneness. You teach and inspire, encourage and build me up. You make me laugh and comfort me why I cry. There is no other for me. Only you.   

Happy anniversary to you, my love.