A Good Book {For Kids}

First off, let me mention that my youngest son has a love for cars.  But trains come in at a close 2nd.  So I wasn't surprised one night last week when he requested I read him a book about a train before bed.  And so it began...  It has come off of the shelf and brought him excitement once again.  It is THE book of choice for any reading this past week.

The Goodnight Train is a fun read for kids and mommy (especially with the animated voice).  The story begins with a good cleaning for the engine... and the children get a scrubbing, too, in a bathtub on the train.  Next the excited and bouncy children board the goodnight train that includes beds instead of train cars.  The characters get to ride the train slowly up a hill (we like to imagine it's a mountain) until it comes racing down the other side, swerving around corners, flying through a dark tunnel, through a sleepy town called Dreamland, and then it slows to a creep as it reaches the bottom of the hill.  

The characters get to count sheep jumping over a fence as the train settles down to the final stretch of track and on to bed.  Maybe you can guess where the story ends?  The final scenes show the children fast asleep and dreaming as the Goodnight Train reaches the station.

The book's pages are filled with colorful narrations and each page has just a few lines to read... along with the train sounds. In our family, this story MUST be read with enthusiasm (it really does keep both of my sons' attention) in the beginning and then in a calm voice as the train reaches it's destination... 

This book is a winner in our family.  We enjoy it every time we read it... no matter how many times.


*Disclaimer:  The opinions mentioned above are strictly mine.  I was not paid to advertise this book.