I love FALL!!

This is my favorite season of the year.  And I'm shocked to hear myself voice that opinion because of my dislike of the cold weather that will soon follow Autumn.  I might have even confessed that Summer was my first choice in a season, but after the +100* temps for over a month I can let it go.  

It is true.  Fall is my favorite.  I can't get enough of the spiced candles, baked goodies, cozy meals, sweatpants (hehe), and the colors.  Oh I love the colors of Fall.  Have you looked outside lately?  Where I live the leaves are beginning to change colors! If you haven't seen them yet, stop what you are doing and go take a peek.  THIS is something I marvel at every year.  And there have even been years I've been so busy I have missed this incredible display of God's creative design.  So make sure you take a good look... it doesn't stay colorful for long. 

With Fall here we've had several changes going on in our lives.  Our first child went to Kindergarten.  I'll admit, I didn't think I would be sad.  If you know your child like we know our son, we knew he would love school.  And he does.  It's been a great first 22 days (is that all?) of school.  

Here is our 5-year-old on his first day. (Don't mind the dead plant. I do NOT have a green thumb-it's more black than anything.)

Here is our 3-year-old.  I began homeschooling him in the past few weeks.  He's working on Clothes Pin Number Cards.  I found them at  Thanks Erica!  Love her blog... she has great ideas!

Also we have been watching our baby girl grow right before our eyes.  They change so fast!  Here's Little Sister.  She started sitting just a month ago.

So yes, lots of changes.  But I'm so thankful I get to experience the joys of being their Mommy.  

What changes are you blessed to see this time of year?