Halloween and Fall parties are right around the corner so when we received our first invitation to a costume party I figured I had better get creative and start working on the boys' costumes.  {I have an idea for mine, which I will post about later}  

The boys are going to be super-heroes!  No character specifically... just super-hero boys.  I got the idea from a friend who sewed capes for her two sons and they looked so fun, I knew I had to make some for ours.  

The first one is on it's way to being finished.  It still needs some embellishment.  But here's a few pictures of our son trying it out.  Why green?  It's his favorite color.  The other cape will be yellow, his brother's favorite. 

                                                                     *Sorry for the blur; he really was trying it out.  :)

He didn't wear it long - which made me think he wasn't going to like it - but the proceeded to wear it an hour later for the remainder of the night.  :)  

And while I'm not completely thrilled about how it turned out, I did learn another way to make the other cape.  I will try to post a tutorial with it when I'm finished.

Do you have any suggestions for an easy baby girl costume?