The House That Cleans Itself

I am learning more and more about myself lately.  And I think it is past time for a self-evaluation.   But before I do that, let me introduce my helper.  That's right, I am going to have a friend alongside me in this process.

Her name is Mindy.  And while I've never met her I have been introduced to her through her book The House That Cleans Itself.  And let me tell you what.  She knows me already, even though we just got acquainted last night.
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Ok, so now let's talk that self-evaluation.  What hooked me on this book was the introduction that Amazon allows you to read before ordering.  My house, lately it seems, is in constant dis-array.  And I don't mean just the living room, or the kitchen, or the playroom.  The bedrooms, the laundry hampers, the van (and don't even look under the beds).  Things have been haywire to say the very least.  And I was really beginning to feel like a failure at being a self-proclaimed homemaker.  My home is a reflection of my heart, and it is in chaos.  And sweet Mindy is not just telling me, "It's not your fault, because there are others in the house for goodness sake.  They need to clean up after themselves!"  No, that is not the first issue to address.  The main thing I'm beginning to understand and hope to see the fruit of is that a clean home will make a happier family.  Mommy will be able to naturally teach and train the children as they learn to see that there is a purpose to the flow of our home. 

The next thing I am learning about myself is that I am NOT naturally hard-wired to think "cleaning" or "organization".  And that's ok.  Mindy is going to help me learn to make my home a haven for my family, unique to our own family make-up. 

After the first chapter I am seeing the goal and I have a game plan already!  What is it?

#1.  Draw a floor plan.  Check
#2.  Define your spaces, circling them with a bold marker.  Check
#3.  Determine flow pattern by numbering each space, #1 being the entrance area used most.  Check
#4.  Decide on Your Home Base Zone (the one thing, if cleaned thouroughly, makes me feel like I can tackle other areas).  Check.
#5.  Purge and Clean that zone.
#6.  Involve the Household and Hang the (under construction) signs.
#7.  Prayer-walk through your house.  After all, God needs to be the center of our house and our mission there.

And so far this is just the steps through chapter 4.  Can you see that these are tangible steps I can take?  I love that I can begin immediately.

Do you need help making your house a home for your family?  Come along with me.  Let's learn together!