Snow Day(s)

Almost a week ago two of my children were in school, anticipating the coming snow storm... which led to school being let out for 2 days.  Then snow storm #2 hit Sunday night and school was out for 2 more days.  The first 6 day weekend I have ever experienced... or at least that's how we treated it.  Lots of cuddling, cocoa and movies.  And let's be honest.  Add fights and tears and diaper blowouts galore!  (And laundry.  Lots and lots of laundry.)

Take a look at our past week.

Yep.  My son in shorts and a t-shirt with snow in the background.
He's his father's son. 

Daddy built a "hill" to sled down from the porch.
We had to make do with what we have. :) 

Sister wanted to be out with the boys so badly.
She even wore one of their stocking hats around the house. 

  I literally threw my children into the snow.
What a fun thing to do!

Girls came in from playing.
We were cold.  But we braved it for over 2 hours! 

I caught a smile!

Look at my cinnamon roll/orange roll fail!
Ok, so I baked them and slathered on the frosting and they tasted just fine.
Not too pretty though!  That dough was impossible.

Round #2 snow storm

Ready to go again!

"Hot chocolate too?"
How could I resist sharing? 
Are you enjoying the weather where you are?