Double Check For Boogers

This week has been rather stressful for me... sometimes it was things (children) I could control, other times it was things (children) that I had to "let go and let God" do what He wanted to continue to mold and shape me.

Don't you just hate when you can't control certain things?  Maybe you don't struggle with wanting to micro-manage people or circumstances like I doBut with physical battles my body faces with nursing a new baby and a toddler that needs to constantly be reigned in, I've had some meltdown moments the past few days.  And I finally let my hubby into my struggling heart and he so lovingly took 3 children with him this morning to run some errands so that I could "do what I wanted" with my time (hubby's words, not mine).

Here's what I chose:

 *Sigh* {chomp, chomp}

And then I went to folding laundry.  :) Peacefully.  Without somebody body-slamming a sibling on top of freshly folded piles.  

You see, this morning was a perfect example of my every day moments.  Upon looking in the mirror before jumping in the shower I noticed something in my hair... what in the world?!  A booger... nice.  Some days my kids rub off on me a little more than I'd care for.  :)  Good thing I didn't decide to skip the shower and run errands with the whole fam.  Thankful for this graceful moment.

Thank you, Honey, for providing me this moment of peace.  

And to you readers who are mothers... check your hair for boogers before heading out today.  :)

God's Peace to You In the Mundane Moments,