Valentines Day *Updated*

Today I realize I have gone from one extreme to the other on celebrating this red/pink holiday. When we were newlyweds I thought valentines day was a silly day when people in a relationship selfishly thought they deserved some special gift as an expression of heartfelt love. I thought it ridiculous that there was a day singled out with all this pressure to "purchase our love" for one another.

Yet each year married (8 now) I secretly had wished we did something more for one another. It wasn't a big deal to me... Or so I thought. One year I will admit to selfishly being let down by unfulfilled expectations. There were tears. When did I start to want a piece of this celebration?  *added note:  Now I am thankful for the holiday, only to remind me of 3 things... 1)I am loved by God in Christ 2)I get yet another opportunity to show love to my husband (and children) 3)I have been so blessed to experience the love of my husband. 

Regardless, here I am at a new phase of life. Four children in our nest, two of them in school where they DO participate in some form... With class parties and valentines for friends. So I knew I should be on board for celebrating in some way. But this year I wanted something more, once again.

I wanted to redeem valentines day. As far as my children understand it is a day to share (get) candy or treats from others. But my heart longs for them to know of my love for them. I fail at showing that every day. And greater yet, I want them to know the love their Heavenly Father has for them. This is my prayer this Valentines day and every day to come.

Since having baby #4 in December I have not been able to keep up with things at home. With three kids it was easier to pretend little messes weren't there. Now it is blatantly obvious! So I managed to do one thing with the kids to celebrate and the house is a disaster. *sigh*

Here's some pics from our day.

Can you tell we had melt-downs?

Taste testing helped calm down a demanding toddler.