Empty Those Drawers

Today, as I was putting away laundry, I tried to shove another pair of socks into its drawer (really, socks have their very own drawer?) to no avail. 

No matter how much I tried the drawer was just too full. Now, I realize the sock drawer can become messy and disorganized if I don't take time to stop and consider what's inside already. 

Am I taking the sock thing a little too far?

Well, let's put it in terms of my every day life. Oh yes, I am going to compare my life to a drawer full of socks. 

As I purged all of my socks onto the bed for complete consideration and analization I once again saw before me what I already knew was there. Socks of old. I'm talking years old. As in when we first got married "old". Sigh. 

They are the fun, fuzzy socks. The ones you put on for fun in the winter months. And friends, let me confess to you I found 22 pairs of those things! Ack!  Who in the world needs that many?  Not I!

So after I piled up the old ones and found the new (one still had tags!) I put everything back in place. So refreshing to be able to open my sock drawer without exerting much effort and be able to close it with smoothness and know everything is in its place until the next time I open it. 

"Now how in the world is she gonna' apply this metaphor to her life", you might be asking. 

See, my daily life is like that drawer in that I can very easily cram my day full of things that don't need to be there. 


If I chose a word for myself this year, this keeps coming to mind. The socks represent anything I choose to spend time on in a given day. Some things are good and should stay in my routine; some don't fit my life anymore and need to be pitched; others are old and aren't purposeful. And there are some new things I want to add to my daily life this year and I haven't got room for them. 

Bible reading - stays
Keeping my home clean - stays
Giving my kids focused attention - stays
Intentional love towards my husband - stays

Facebook - goes (it's a huge time-waster for me, although I will still add posts from this blog on there)

I'm sure there are other things that will need adjusted. This is just a start for me. But as I think through my priorities, what should be high on the list, what is of lesser importance and what needs taken off the list, I also want to view each activity through the lenses of "being God-focused" and "being intentional". 

Whether it's washing the laundry, reading a book for fun, or jumping on the trampoline with our kids to build into that relationship, I want to be focused. I want my heart to be prepared by having spent time with God in His word so I am ready to point my children back to Him.  I need my heart prepared to do dishes with joyfulness, even if it's the 32nd load that week. 

Do you have anything you are being led to do?  Feel free to share with us!  Big or small, our efforts should be intentional. Let's encourage one another!

Needing grace for these moments,