Baby Micah Update

This little guy is staying in the hospital at least another night.  But, doc says he looks so much better than yesterday!  We are hoping to get him to drink without throwing up, and so far (as of noon today) we have had some success, except for first thing this morning. He just tried eating a little for lunch, so we are hoping that stays down. A trial mini-meal, so to speak. 

Wondering how you can pray for us?
-Micah would be able to keep down Pedialite 
-his tummy would heal from whatever it's fighting
-he would have relief from teething pain- it has increased since IV fluids started-screaming for hours at a time {update: Daddy brought Orajel!}
-he would be able to relax... He's getting very restless in my arms and can't crawl because of IV in his foot
- wisdom for doctors determining when it is safe to go home
-wisdom as Phil and I plan the next 24 hours 
-God's glory would be on display through our stay in the hospital, that He might use us to that end
-patience, understanding and compassion for our other kids at home

Thank you so much for your kind words and for praying for Micah and our family.