How To Pass The Time In A Hospital Room

We have a little boy who has gone through the ringer this past week. Or more like his insides have. Which led to what blood work would later indicate was "moderate dehydration". Which led us to a 5-failed and 1-successful attempt of getting an IV into his deflated little veins and a hospital stay. 

You know how you'd do anything for your child?  We'll, if you'd have asked me any day before today to comfort one of my children by holding them for an entire day, I would have thought you were crazy. It's not physically possible. And then pin them down with 3 other grownups (nurses) to get stuck with 6 needles only to pick them back up yet again and reassure them with kisses and telling them it's going to be okay, I would have said "um, no thank you."  That is not my idea of comforting a child. 

But that was our reality today. I held our baby from 9:30am until 5:00pm. Through waiting rooms and doctor visits, exams and hugs, drinking and throwing up, signing admittance forms and rocking in a chair... Still he sat upon my lap, in my arms. I really didn't think it was a possible task, until today. It's amazing what grace God gives us at times to walk through trials. 

So here we are, in the hospital for the night. Baby is tucked in and sleeping... For now. So what do I do with these empty arms and my awake mind?

~for my child, that the meds will work; that God will heal quickly; for sleep; for a calm vomit-free night of sleep for his sake

~for that tiny baby in the room next to us, crying; for his/her parents watching their baby suffer; for God to minister to their souls

~for the nurses caring for our children; for energy, strength, caring hearts, compassion, grace. I thank God for these women tenderly providing a service which I cannot. 

~for women giving birth around the corner of this floor... So much to pray for there. Healthy babies, healthy moms, loving dads, caring nurses, grace for them all...

I can never just sit and watch tv when I'm in a hospital room anymore.  There are so many people who need prayed over. So that's what I'm doing from my room on the Fourth Floor.

Oh, and if you think of us, will you pray for our little Micah?