Do You Believe... in Magic?

Recently my husband installed a baby gate at the top of our stairs and so I spent my time "helping" by sitting on the stairs and trying to stay out of the way.  Well, that's when I noticed it.  Sitting on the stairs I was eye-level with grime on the walls.  It's funny how much you start to notice when at your child's eye-level.  I think I remember my mom talking about washing walls when I was younger, or maybe she told me it was something I should do [when I started having kids].  Not quite sure.  

Anyway, I realized I could not just let that grime stare at me any longer so I decided to tackle it.  
My new friend:
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This baby, when dampened, got my walls clean.  Really clean.  I couldn't stop scrubbing (never thought I would hear myself say that) walls.  I crawled through the whole house working on kids'-eye-level areas.  MY, their hands must be dirty a lot!  Next, we shall tackle better hand-washing. :)

What little project will you take on today?