Here we go again!

As I sit to write this, I glance up at my son only to notice barbeque meat rolling down his shirt.  Sauce leaving a trail from collar to lap.  *sigh*  Excuse me while I clean him up.

That is how life has been for a few weeks.  Mess after mess after mess.  I've been trying to play catch up (even though some in my house might play with ketchup) with my house but there appears to be a MESS MONSTER lurking about everywhere I'm not.  Which I can only be in one place at a time.  And he knows that.  Grrr...

Ok, so this blog has been put on the back burner.  Or possibly thrown out the window at some point.  But alas, here I am again.  And besides trying to have victory over the boyish mess-makers in our home we have a new little mess-maker... more on that in a minute.

Since we've been out of touch for a while, let me catch you up with our life.

This guy had (what he calls) a "wiggly tooth".

Can you see the one on the bottom row?

Well, it just so happened that "wiggly" thing came out!
 Here he is showing off his new space.

And here is our Yogurt Mishap...

Yes, from table....  to floor... and up the curtain it went.

And finally, our baby started crawling. 
Here's the little hoppy frog crawling...

I know she looks "old" to just now begin crawling.  Our children seem to take their precious time getting there. :) 

Little L's Birthday is tomorrow!  Can't believe she is turning 1!  Check back soon for birthday pictures!  (Probably some messy ones, too.)

Thanks for stopping by, and for your patience as I deal with our messes.  God is gracious and kind to teach me patience through the messes, too.