Thanksgiving Traditions

Traditions.  We all have them.  Whether it's feeding our bellies 'til they can't possibly hold down another slice of Grandma's pecan pie or playing football with the family.  Whether it's {dare I say it} looking through Black Friday ads to plan your "great escape" at 2 a.m. or watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while the seasoned cooks of the family get out their magic wands and produce the most delicious food.  Whether it's driving to see loved ones or inviting the neighbors into your home.  Whether it's panic mode as the host or kicking back and enjoying conversation in a slowed down moment.  Or maybe you kick back with a TV dinner.  We all have traditions.

Maybe you don't celebrate much of anything on Thanksgiving besides the prettiest bird on the table.  Or football.  

Anyhow, I have been neglecting putting any thought into the Thanksgiving holiday celebration for a long time and as far as my family goes, I want to bring about a more focused season leading up to it.  And why haven't I bothered to put much thought in to it?  Well, we have been busy (and I am laid up from just having foot surgery)... but that excuse is lame and so I come to you.

My friend, I need your help.

I want to know what traditions you have, if you're willing to share.  Big or small, it doesn't matter.  What is important is that they are special to you/your family in some way. 

So, if you are willing, please share in the comments below.  Others just might benefit from your ideas too!  Thank you ahead of time!!

And in case you are needing an idea or two for your family, here are a couple I found that sounded delightful.  Enjoy!

 I found this on Pinterest and could not find the original source.  The instructions stated that each person around the table would make a page of one thing they were thankful for then put into a book.  They also took a family picture and put it on the last page.  
How fun it would be to look through them each Thanksgiving!

The family over at Benedetti Buzz did this cute scavenger hunt with their kids.
We are always overrun by the number of children we try to cram into any of our homes during holidays (they totally outnumber the adults!), so what better way to keep them busy than to do a scavenger hunt!