Monday morning

I am just enjoying time with my two littles this morning. You might have been there before. You know that moment. When you realize how quickly they are growing. In fact, they just won't stop. So this morning, I'm slowing down (still in my pj's) and soaking them in. 

Playing Little People with my little girl. These guys are singers on a stage today. That has been a theme lately. :)

Now she declared it was nap time. They must have had a good performance. 

I also expect things to be changing very soon with our baby. Yesterday he figured out to go from sitting to on his tummy and rocking back and forth on his hands and knees. And he is HAPPY to be doing this. So I believe we will have a crawler on our hands soon. (Note to self: buy more outlet covers). He also just figured out how to put Cheerios in his mouth instead of just clenching them in his fist. Needing less of Mommy all the time...

Maybe we will get a shot of him taking his first crawls soon!

Well, better get back to my multiplying laundry hamper. Seriously.  It started as one full hamper last night and has become 3 loads today.  :)  Gotta love it. 

Enjoy this day The Lord has given us!