Behind the Screen

On a social media sight I was asked to join in on a game telling others a certain number of facts that was chosen for me. I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you all a little about me. 

I was asked to share 11 facts. Here goes. 

1. I married my husband at 19. 
2. In kindergarten I decided I wanted to be a teacher. I still want to be one. I was influenced by some wonderful people who I was blessed to have been my teachers. 
3. I never could understand constant bickering between siblings. My brother and I didn't fight, except for once. And it was followed by voluntarily writing a letter of apology, tears and forgiveness. I was in high school, my brother in upper grade school. I thought my friends were weird for fighting with one another. 
4. Oreos and milk are a favorite of mine. 
5. My hair was 3 ft long in 3rd grade. How do I know?  We measured it. 
6. I cut a foot off of my hair in 6 grade. Nobody noticed. I cried. 
7. If I had a whole day to spend selfishly, I would read a whole book... Probably a novel by Francine Rivers.
8. I had no name for 3 days after I was born. The hospital wouldn't let me go home without one. My dad chose my name and the spelling. 
9. I love to camp. Tent. Fishing. Cooking over a Campfire.  Flashlights. Stars. Sleeping bags. Giggles. :)
10. My grandma was my dearest childhood friend. I'm so thankful to have been loved by her. 
11. I love to bake. It's therapeutic for me.

Well, that's a little about me!