Tip of the Day

My tip for first-time moms on how to clean up spit up. Do NOT move baby while spit up has begun... It will only sling it everywhere. It may be your first instinct to stretch out your arms to keep baby as far from you as possible, but don't. You don't realize it yet, but you already have your shoulder and half your back covered (or running down the sides of your thighs if he is sitting on your lap). Against all natural responses...  Just. Sit. There. 

Allow the spit up to absorb some more into your clothes. Because, after all, you will have to change your clothes anyway.  Once you have managed a few deep breathes, calmly set down your clean child. That's right. He is clean. This was projectile upchuck we are talking about here. Give him a toy to chew on and go dig through your wardrobe for the next outfit to don the sour milk smell until wash day. 

There, now wasn't that easy?

How do you find humor in the mundane?  :)