Teaching Your Kids About the Nations

On the Desiring God blog today is a post that I'm really grateful for. Here, the writer gives a few practical ways to teach about the nations (a.k.a. Other nationalities) to our children. 

She writes,

"Even in a genuine pursuit to get to know others, we never want to confine our attention to the created. We take interest in man because God takes interest in man (Psalm 8:4). Our delight in the diversity of this world comes from our delight in God."

Teaching our children this important God-viewing mindset helps put them on an intentional direction as they think upon these things as they grow up. We want to teach our children to love ALL the nations, just as God does...

This points their hearts to see WHY it is important to send missionaries to nations that are unreached; nations that haven't heard the glorious news of the gospel. 

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